неделя, 16 юни 2013 г.

Monster World. Game review

Monster World is one of those browser games where you need to plant seeds and grow crops. Then what is the different about it? Well it's so much more colorful than any other, the decoration items are quite fun, and above all you get to raise and pamper your own Monster Baby!

Firstly you start with just few crops, which you can later on increase from the shop. You also start with small lot, and you upgrade it slowly.
You plant the seeds and then you wait for the crops to produce fruits. You have all sorts of crazy crops here- from lemonade, to french fry, from pizza to cotton candy, from chocolate flowers to ice cream! You also get unique plants if you play the other Wooga games as quest. After planting your crops you need to invite a friend who will water them. You buy him food for that. If he gets hungry he can eat your crops and then stop working at all. Then your crops wither and you need friend's help again to revive them. Or you can just replant it, but that can be costly.

As the game progresses you get to complete quests. Most of them reward Woogoo, which will be needed for some of your machines or for producing certain items. There are two robots that will be giving you quests, and there are quests that pop up when you reach the level required. Later on you build fabrics for drinks and candy and mill for the Goo. By producing list of items from them you get to unlock more types of produce.

As you upgrade your crops and lot, do not forget to decorate accordingly or your helper won't feel happy and will stop watering. The decorations you can buy from the shop- you have from flowers, bushes, trees to houses, fountains, statues... There are many seasonal decorations trough the year too.
For getting more coins it's good to visit your neighbor's garden and perform different tasks to help them. You can send them gifts daily also. Those gifts can be decorations, or building parts or even Goo.

The Baby Monster is big hit! Firstly you feed him, and give him attention to keep him happy, or he cries. You can even name him however you wish. Then after being fed, and after you progress few levels hes tarts to require different types of amusing facilities for him to play with. He even gets trampoline! You build all this through quests, with the help of your friend neighbors, because otherwise it's hard to get all the parts needed. You can then send him over to different places to play or to sleep. This little Monster is so cute!


Buble island. Game review

Bubble Island is interesting and dynamic game that requires good aim and steady hand. It's Facebook browser game and requires account and internet connection.
The game has map and you start at small island with easier bubble targets to shoot. As you progress through the map you get harder and harder bubble setting to shoot at. You get blocking metal balls or beams, which are surpassed only with good aim and perfect timing.

As the time passes by the setting gets lower and lower ad it's easier to screw up the shooting, but then only by this lowering some levels are possible to pass if you aim at the right spot.
You get daily bonuses if you play regularly. You get boosts if friends who are playing send you. You can also buy those.You can replay the levels and for that you must pay gold or have required number of friends playing the game.
There is weekly tournament where you can compete with friends for different ranking shown by different type of crown. It's nice to know that you are better at some game, right?
We recommend this colorful and fun game for all ages.

Jewel star. Game review

Jewel Star is game from Google play. It's made for touchscreen devices. 

 You make rows of matching jewels to complete the levels. You have different terrains and presetting you can play with. There are several different bonuses you can get while playing. Releasing frozen jewels, flaming jewels, stars, beaming jewels, chained jewels, ticking jewels- they will all give you extra points or time.

Some scenarios start with more frozen jewels, empty or blocked slots. it gets harder as the game progresses. Also you have set number of moves, that once reached will reset your game setting but not your time. 
So your goal is to free as much blocked jewels as possible, while getting as much extra time as possible. Always go for the bonus jewels also.

Angry Birds. Game review

If you haven't heard of Angry birds then you lived under a rock :) But I'm sure even if you did not play it, you at least heard of it.
It's a game is designed for touch screen devices. It requires good aim. You target the green pigs which are equipped most of the time with safety tools and are hiding behind bars, rocks, wood, ice and many others. Everything they can get their hands on, those pigs will use and hide from the birds which you are controlling.
You use the Angry birds as pebbles in a sling and send them flying towards your targets.

Some of your birds after flying can be touched and their extra powers become activated. Some become balloons, others split into little birds.Third drop their eggs, which is quite strange as the birds are revenging their eggs eaten by the pigs. Well it does not need to have deep meaning to be fun, right?

And quite fun, it is! Crashing your birds onto the surfaces to get them to harm the pigs is quite relieving after long day at school or work. This game is not very demanding so it can be played for passing time also.
You get to pass different stages of the games with different scenarios. You can set records, and get stars for great performance. You can share your results with friends on Facebook, and flex about it :)

Hello Kitty Cafe

Are you fan of Hello Kitty? If you are this game is just right for you! Even if you did not ever heard about Hello Kitty, which I doubt, you can still enjoy this cute game based of fast thinking and reflexes.
Hello Kitty Cafe features the Sanrio characters, which work in the pastry cafe and serve customers. You start with Purin, who is serving alone. You can upgrade the chairs at the Cafe so the customers don't get nervous too fast. When the clients get angry they leave the cafe and you loose the profit they would make you. You can upgrade the tables too, then the clients can wait longer for the orders.
The pastry and the drinks can be upgraded too- each upgrade lessens the preparation time.If you upgrade the cashier, the cash out is faster and your customers will leave quicker.
You can hire additional help from the other Sanrio characters. Pochacco,Badtemaru,Keroppi,MyMelody,Hello Kitty herself and others will help you serve the customers for dollars. Then you can also upgrade their walking speed which helps tremendously.

Before you have money available for all those upgrades, when serving customers you will have to decide which customer to serve and which to ignore- you won't have time for everyone. With the additional help from  the other characters you will be able to serve all the customers if you have good enough timing with serving, preparing meals, cashing out, directing customers to the toilet.
Another good thing in the game is the gramophone, which you can use to calm down your customers when they all get angry at once. With the time gained you can serve few of them and cash out more.
This game can be played on touch screen device, either online or offline. And if you sign to Facebook you get additional bonus- the cake is made instantly! 

Fish World game review

Do you like animals? If you are not cat or dog person we have a solution for you!
Sometimes people don't have space to keep animal at home, or have really annoying landlady who forbids it. Or they like pets, but they are not good with taking care of them. The game industry has yet created another solution for all this problems. Well even though you have pets you can also enjoy this game, we just want to point our the good emotional deed that this game can give people who can not have them at home.
Now we will review game called Fish World. This is Facebook browser game, which requires account, device that supports games applications and internet connection.

You get to start with very few coins. You buy fish eggs from the shop and hatch it. Then when the fish matures you can sell it and get money for new eggs. You need to feed the fish regularly, as it will otherwise die. Unfortunately every specie has different time of getting hungry and starving, so you need to time your feeding. If the fish is fed the food will just get to the bottom of the tank and will not be used.
You can change the scenery of your tank, buy many accessories such as rocks, sunken ships, pirate chests, and many others. You can even buy divers!It's quite amusing.

With inviting friends you get more daily quests to clean their tanks ad earn rewards such as money, fish, pearls and rare items.
While cleaning the tank you can find also lost fishes that you can post for adopting. Mostly it's good money earner. At some point you can buy Algae eater for your tank- very useful fish. It will eat the algae and you will never need to clean the tank by hand ever again.
If your fish dies you can get it back to life with spending dollars- the in game ones. you earn those by doing the daily quests.

By clicking on a fish in your tank you can see if it's in adulthood, how much it sells fr and if it's hungry. Some fishes are tricky to feed and you need to drop the food above their very heads.
By progressing the game you get to have different collections of rare items in your inventory. For a collector's spirits that's quite good game.

CocoGirl game review

Hello girls!
I'm sure all of you want to be cute and beautiful for the one they like. Or if youdon't have such person at least you want to look good for yourself. Sometimes we are so busy with work/school that we don't have enough time to spend on ourselves, and we wish for it so much... And then we get time, dead time spent at buss station, at train, while waiting long queues to finish some administrative work etc.
Then why not use that time for ourselves? Well unfortunately everyone is looking and it's not really appropriate  to get out your makeup bag and do your routine in public. I know some girls do it, but most of us prefer our home for this. It's not comfortable to do it in front of stranger's eyes.
Well how to use this time for ourselves and at the same time do it in private? The game industry gave us this solution. With creating fun games where we can create an avatar that resembles us or is with totally different look, we can have fun and do makeup, change clothes, try different hairstyles, accessories. You didn't try it yet? Well you missed a lot! All you need is device supporting game applications and internet connection.
We will review now game called CocoGirl. It's a game you play on Facebook, and you invite your friends to have fun together. Or even best you can join the community and create new friendships.

As you can see there you can create really cute avatar. It has all types of outfits, hairstyles. The accessories are really nice, unlike some other games. The clothes are very fashionable. You get to visit stores where you spend the ruby earned from missions.
It all starts in the Coco salon where you get makeover, which means you are choosing your avatar's appearance. You can choose from futures such as face shape, eyes with different shapes and colors, moths, noses, eyebrows with different shapes and colors. It's quite fun creating your girl! You feel like Goddess :)
Then you choose hairdos. Those are splendid! They are created with professionals I think. The colors are good too.
When you are done you got sent at the city. Of course you start at the cheapest shop, but as the game progresses you can visit the brand names. There is preview future in the shop which is great. You get to see how the clothes look on the body. You even get to enjoy sales! isn't it great?

Everyday you dress your sweetie and take a picture. If you do that every day you get huge bonus of 100000 rubies!
You will be given the opportunity to vote the others players looks by checking the Fashion Expert. You will vote their everyday looks and they looks for special occasions. Then you get to choose the best look for you from three which will also reward you rubies. There are other ways to get more rubies. That is to play at the Coco Carnival. Also there is the Coco Market where you sell items to other players. Some rare items go for millions of rubies! You just need the l;luck to acquire it or spend tons of rubies to buy it. As every Facebook game there is a way to buy rubies for real life money to boost your character.

 There is also exclusive treasure chest game where you need to discover list of items in the scenery. It's quite enjoyable if you like to play puzzle or mystery  games and such.
The interesting in this game is- it hasn't got leveling system. You progress through the game by earning rubies, getting your avatar look the best way possible, inviting loads of friends, getting special rewards such as hearts. All this to unlock higher end game items for your lovely Coco Girl. The competition here is to be the best fashion expert, not to gain some levels.